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Zywiec & Polish Happy Hour event for the first time in Williamsburg!

Where: My Moon, 184 North 10th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
When: 2009-07-10

     If you're not familiar yet with Polish Happy Hour event, here's the story.

Founded in Washington DC, the Polish Happy Hour brings together those who hold an interest in Poland, speak Polish and of course like Polish beer "Zywiec". While geared towards "young professionals", anyone and everyone including native Polish language speakers, non-native Polish speakers, and those who think Polish is such a notoriously difficult language that they would rather speak English are welcome.

The PHH in New York City is held monthly on Thursdays or Fridays, in some of Manhattan's premier nightclubs and restaurants. Our DJs spin the newest 'indie' hits from Warsaw, Krakow, the Trojmiasto and beyond, as well as our favorite beloved Pol classics. The evening is really two events in one: the first several hours feature a relaxed cocktail/networking atmosphere, with the music kept low to encourage conversation and dinner service often available, while the second half of the evening features the only full-scale dance party of its kind in Manhattan. 300 to 500 guests attend each month.

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Gerard posted on: 2009-11-16 13:16:37
Great beer! I had my first encounter back in 2007 when I was working in Warsaw. I look forward to it every time I return....and I am not a fan of pilsners!
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